The process of trying to pick up something new can range from being extremely simple to excruciatingly difficult. I know from experience — I tried to learn plant care and ended with all dying within two weeks. I tried to learn cooking and boiled a batch of soba noodles into one perfectly pot-shaped noodle cube.

Failing is an essential part of learning a new skill, and you’ll likely hear this constantly from your favorite Twitter hustler, your favorite professor and researcher, and probably your parents as well.

The reality is: it sucks. Can we reduce it?

I tried to learn…

One chilly, Michigan evening, I was bundled up in jackets with my friends and decided to check on an online game I had launched a few days back. My frozen hands struggled to hold my phone while I typed in its URL. While expecting one or two users online best, there were over 20 furiously active on the site! A smile took over my face as I put my phone back and ran to catch up with my friends.

A few hours later, I shut the website down indefinitely.

Sure, I had gotten semi-viral. But I had created a monster…

Noah Finer

dude from umich

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